“These hunts are LEGENDARY! They’re everything DREAMS are made of and more!” Tim M.

Hunting with High Caliber Outdoors is the premiere waterfowling destination of the lower 48.  With Kansas and Nebraska being in the heart of the Central flyway, the rockies to the West, over pressured hunting to the East and South, these birds are concentrating here more and more every year. With plenty of open water and an over abundance of food, KANSAS and Nebraska is the farthest South these birds have to travel. These birds are naturally funneling into our back yard, and we funnel them to the end of your gun barrel!

Most of you have watched High Caliber Outdoors on one of the many outdoor television hunting shows. It seems like EVERY time we’re filming for TV, we showcase what we like to call “as good as it gets” type of a hunt… “Legendary, unforgetable,” if you will. This isn’t because we’re lucky or because we are saving the best hunts for a film crew. These types of hunts happen day in and day out because of hard work, dedication, relationships with landowners, no expenses or corners cut, and our vast knowledge of our areas and the art of killing birds.

From November to February, in the corn and wheat fields of Kansas, we are landing flights of lessers, cacklers and speckled belly geese numbering into the hundreds and thousands… In December and January in both Nebraska and Kansas, it is common place to lure mega flocks of mallards numbering 50-500 birds into 20-30 yards and closer. Most people never get to experience this type of wingshooting in a year or possibly even in a lifetime depending on where one lives. It is “just another day in the office” for us here. That doesn’t take away the amazing feeling or appreciation our guides get when we observe and share an experience with our clients enjoying another memory.

Another memory they’ll never forget!