The best wingshooting in North America is with Adam Gilkey and his partners at High Caliber Outdoors in Peace River, Alberta! Mike C.

Starting in September, the ducks and geese that aren’t born and raised in our back yard, begin their migration from the arctic tundra and boreal forests South to the Peace River Valley where the Pacific Flyway meets the Central Flyway. This is where they find the very first agricultural fields. With an abundance of wheat, barley, and pea fields, they load up on carbohydrates and proteins to continue their yearly migration south to the lower 48.

In order to guide hunts in Alberta you must own licensing… Most outfitters only own licensing for 1 or 2 units. High Caliber Outdoors owns 7 licenses, 5 of which are ajoining! You can imagine the amount of area we can cover to ensure you stay on the X and in the birds! We have access to very large amounts of acreage, and if one area is weak, you can bet another one of our areas is STACKED!